Three leaders from Israel, Egypt and US with  three different religions, had marathon meeting  for  13 days at the presidential retreat at Camp David in the autumn of 1978  to solve a dispute that religion itself had caused. 

The complex history of Middle East is based on  ancient texts and legends and necessarily draws the Middle East in a endless feud and brought the superpowers of the time to the brink of nuclear war, flooded the region with refugees and  created mayhem and heartbreak all over the world.

Carter, Begin and Sadat, the three leaders from US, Israel and Egypt, through 13 days of ordeal and immense pressure, managed to forge a partial and incomplete peace. War seldom achieves what was expected or hoped for by its participants; even victory breeds a future defeat. The book tells the story of the compromise that peace demands, and of the courage and sacrifices required of leaders whose greatest challenge is to overcome their own limitations. 

The book gave me new perspectives on how we carry the burden of the past and how our own belief system interfere with reasonable judgment.


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