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History Lesson

When I was studying in High School in Samtse some quarter of a century ago, I had an opportunity to visit ruins of Bahun Doka ( Castle with 52 doors) in Saureni in Samtse. The castle was empty then but it did retain its architecture splendor. As an avid student of history, I visited the place for second time in 2004 alone. This time, telecom tower had come up nearby and the castle was in complete ruins but it still retained traces of past. The Police on duty looking after the telecom tower and villagers nearby had scavenged what remained of the Bahun Doka. Just yesterday, I visited the place again hoping to take some pictures and do some research but this time nothing was left. The telecom tower looked more imposing then the piece of history which just perished nearby. The history of Bahun Doka, built by Garjaman Gurung and his descendents was lost in time. What was once a house of power with an amazing 52 doors some three quarters of a century ago just perished in time like the bir