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Certifying Friendship

We had two days of mind grilling bulwark on Performance Measurement System  in Thimphu. At the end of the session, my friend certified my participation.

...who are we mocking at?

...yesterday was Tuesday. What happened to Pedestrian’s Day? Was that some kind of joke? First Pedestrian Day, there were policemen at every corner. People walked, talked, grumbled, made adjustments of time and other things but there was Pedestrian Day. Yesterday, during Pedestrian Day, all cars were moving freely, at least in Phuentsholing. At one point of time, there was a ban on plastic bags. It died because of absence of alternatives. It died a distasteful death. Then there were numerous rules which mushroomed out of nowhere and ended nowhere. The biggest jokes so far has been Tenancy and Tobacco Laws. With a monk being caught as the first victim of Tobacco Law, it sent one sms to monk body and thousand chills down the spines of "street" observer like me. Law is a very serious business because it affects everyone of us. The best of laws may bring bitter consequences and also the results that were never expected but any law or rules to work; I feel that the people

...from back cover

(I found this poem scribbled illegibly  on backcover of my old notepad. I wasn't sure if I wrote it. If I said no, it was on my notepad which is always in my drawer. If I said yes, I wouldn't like to be responsible for the handwriting. It would put many people of my time to shame.)'s my love so it is named  suffering. is your indifference so you name it  with coldness. ...and again it is my love so I don't need anything in return.

Someday it will matter to us too!!!!

That someday would be the day just before our retirement comes....! And that day seemed to have come too quickly for Gyeltshen Sir who now superannuated from service. Thirty nine years of service only brought him memories of struggle. As he sat on one of the guest chairs at pension office and handing his superannuation orders and running through figures of provident fund accumulation, million thoughts rummaged through his mind. Thirty nine years of service was not enough for Gyeltshen Sir like James Bond Movie “World Is Not Enough”. It was not enough because he was not prepared to face his post retirement years. He said he was now resting his old bones after years of hard work and struggle but deep inside, there was this restlessness of having to adjust with changed lifestyle and sudden drop in income. Many Bhutanese today superannuate from service with a sense of loss and apprehension. They are neither prepared for new lifestyle nor are they willing to let go off their old

Korean Imperilism

I have always wondered why our youths liked imitating Koreans until I saw, tasted and felt for myself. I had opportunities to travel to Europe and US but the impression Koreans left on me is beyond doubt the best I have ever experienced. Beginning from taxi driver till top brass, everyone is sociable, helpful and friendly. Be it fusion music, street courtesy, cuisine,  business opportunities and strategies,  fashion imperialism and technology, they created their own niche. No wonder that Opa Gangnam Style became a popular entertainment show.