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Crisis Within

Jigme Choden is married to her long time sweetheart who is an Army Officer. Professionally, Jigme Choden completed her post graduation and became a teacher. Even as she worked, she got an opportunity to pursue her master’s degree and upon her return from studies, she got elevated as School’s Principal. She was ecstatic. As a young ambitious woman, she enjoyed the respect she earned from the locals, teachers and students. That’s one story. But interestingly, she had to live another reality too. Her husband was one of the junior most officers in the place where they were posted. As a junior officer, her husband religiously followed the thumb rule of the army hierarchy. Unfortunately, Jigme Choden found herself caught in her husband’s lastman file rank frustrations and her own ambitious dreams. Wives of senior army officers, who were mostly uneducated, borrowed their husband’s rank and tried to create an aura in social gatherings while people like Jigme Choden were made to look very insig