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Way back in 2005 when I was attending one of the trainings in Italy, I came across a group of delegates from Africa. One of the delegates from Botswana told me that out of every 10 people in Botswana, almost five of them were HIV positive. She also told me that people died on streets like flies with no one to care for them. School going youth struggled with HIV and ….the stories were endless. But most of the delegates who were present there agreed that AIDS virus were developed in laboratory of rich country and spread in streets of poor country. They refused to believe that it happened from sexual intercourse with affected people or from any other medium because even the most conservative tribes like Masai herders of Tanzania were affected. They also believed that rich country like USA used AIDS as a means to make some country dependent upon them or also as a political tool. The belief makes sense because the patent right for some of the drugs used at AIDS victim were owned and sold a