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An Anatomy of Gross National Happiness- making some sense out of it

Melam was one of those many young people who completed university degree and looked forward to a happy life. However, she was caught between excitement, insecurity and reality. And like all Bhutanese people, she was also faced with a dilemma of finding the right definition for what brought her happiness and how it connected to Gross National Happiness. Odyssey into the life of Gautama Buddha some 2500 years ago had taught her, as every young Bhutanese children goes through, to adhere to the laws of birth, old age, sickness and death . But that’s not how Melam wanted to begin her working life. If given a choice, she wanted to go so far away from death that no question of choosing how to die ever occurred. If there ever appeared an occasion to choose the way to die, she wanted to make it a voluntary affairs: whether to hang in neighbour’s orchard, run off the cliff or to eat extra tranquilizers and sleep to eternity. But such options are not available in the best of democracies when i