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Unfamiliar Territory

I have never doubted that democracy in Bhutan would be a huge success. That’s because most of our politicians are products of Bhutanese Bureaucracy, which in turn has been a breeding ground for dangerous politics for quite a few decades. Most cronies and narcissists climbed up the ladder and they continue to do so. Interestingly, politics inside corporations may be one of the reasons why many corporations in Bhutan failed to do well. Unlike civil service, corporations are mandated to develop their own business strategies and ways to implement them. Instead of focusing on the business strategies, corporations are messed up with confused sense of vision and mission. In fact, there are no dominant business strategies that are being followed. As a silent observer, it is interesting to note that even the organization I work for has rumbled into unfamiliar politics. It was instituted to look after the welfare of people during misfortunes and old age. It looks like it will never see its own p

Murkier Reality

Four years old Sonam was eating turmeric (titiri) when its seed entered the wind pipe and landed in the lungs. He died about a week later in hospital. The Doctor who operated on the child could not remove the stone. He died in hospital. Many questions have lingered in my mind. Was it professional inefficiency that caused the death or did the doctor try hard enough but the force of nature was stronger? Even if it is professional inefficiency, then how do we prove that? Meanwhile, family members have accepted it as a fate. When Sonam was about two and three years old, he had inserted a maize grain in his ear and a pulse grain at another time. The tsip passed the verdict that his life was complete at four years. Several times in the evening I have been to shops nearer hospital to pick up my wife or to buy medicines. I have noticed that people wearing white shirts would be puffing white clouds of smoke inside the crowded place. Beer bottles would be all over the table. The irony is t