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Good is the enemy of Great- Price of Great Education!!!

Some four and half decades ago, a team of officials headed by Lopen Nado, a very renowned Bhutanese scholar came visiting our ancestral village. They were on tour of villages picking boys to study in schools. My grandmother hid my father, who was then a very young boy, inside a big bamboo container where they usually stored maize grains. However, Lopen Nado and his team found my father and got him enrolled in the school. My grandmother appealed to the team that there was no one to look after the cattle if they took away my father. She also tried bribing the team with some locally brewed alcohol, butter and cheese but to no avail. Finally, she had to let go of her son to school. Sending my father to school was taxing for my grandparents as they had no one to look after the cattle in the first place and secondly, they had to reach food supply to school very often. And during those days, the road was under construction and there were hardly any car on the road. My grandfather used to wal