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I have a dream too....

...I am planning to organise creative carnival where writers, crab writers, artists, copyartists and creative people can showcase their works. Since Phuentsholing will be pleasant during Winter, I wish to do it here. I chose winter because children will be on holidays and many people will be in Phuentsholing during that time. The writers and artists can also have more than enough time to prepare. This is an opportunity for Bhutanese writers and readers, artists and art enthuasts, sponsors and buffs, asses and muses, critics and summary for all to come together. I will need people to help me cordinate. If possible, we will try to take in few international writers also. School text books and guidebooks will not be entertainment.

Tale of Divided Villages

On my recent travel to Agra, I was impressed beyond words to be travelling on 165 km long six lane( convertible to 8 lane) super highway. I guess that’s the only road in India which is at par with international standard highways. It surely is a pride for nation like India to boast of super highway. But there was a lesson for small nation like Bhutan to learn from that super highway. The massive 13,300 crores Rupees pumped into the highway was an initiative of Uttar Pradesh Government contracted out to Jai Prakash. Jai Prakash now owns highway for 36 years. They charge toll fees  and also make money from other facilities along the highway including the refreshment services like tea and coffee which costs about Rs. 50 per cup. Inside Indira Gandhi International Airport, tea costs Rs.30. What surprised me more is the fact that the whole stretch of road from the first point that highway begins right till it ends is the fencing on both sides of the road which divides one villages across


...there has been too many BBS interviews of incumbent or aspiring candidates of both NA and NC for the past few weeks. While it is understandable for BBS to ask standard questions, the candidates, I thought, should have better things to say than usual stuffs like repaying gratefulness to the King, Country and people. No one has ever said honestly that he wants to be called Dasho and enjoy the privileges and entitlements. ...the other is about new Bhutanese paradox. Almost all candidates said that they know the problems their consituencies are facing. Hmmmmmm!! million things for all of us to grind on. would be shameful for candidates to promise schools, BHUs and hospitals, clean drinking water, electricity or any other basic necessities. It should have been there even without being asked. ...finally, for the MP from my consituency...don't thank me or my people. Thank yourself that I didn't see you for so long. Were you ever there?


Some twelve years ago, I was escorting an economist and an Actuary working for World Bank who were assigned to carry out studies on pension scheme in Bhutan. During one of our casual discussions, they commented that Thimphu was facing “Big City” symptom where high rise buildings were built to meet immediate demand. However, in the long run, as basic economic principle suggests, supply always equal demand. When supply is more, adjustments are bound to happen. And that adjustment time seems to have come now. Today, if we look at the classified column of Kuensel, we can see that there are vacant houses only in Thimphu and nowhere else. A drive along expressway, Hejo and Taba suggests that more than 300 buildings are nearing completion during the next few months. A simple calculation shows that an average building would have about 10 units. In total, there would be about 3000 flats (300 multiplied by 10) within a year for Thimphu residents to choose from. For a population base of littl