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Tribute to Abi Jomo and Meme Dangling

While Ama Jomo is a guardian deity of Merak, Sakten and some places in Arunachal Pradesh, Meme Dangling is a popular deity in Khaling and along ancient route to Dung Sum. Ama Jomo’s story share many similarity with stories of Zhongar Dzongpon, Tongphu Gyalpo and Dzongpon of Wangditse (as written by Kinga Choden in one of the Drukpa Magazines). Nevertheless, the story would be incomplete without being said what I heard. It is being said that a place called Kumley Ruksum in Tibet was ruled by a king called Ponpo Yizang. Ponpo Yizang had ordered his subjects to flatten the mountain that was blocking sunrays to his palace. Leaving their own works aside, people toiled in vain for several months and years but to no avail. One day when people were working, they heard a melodious song which said that it would be better and easier to bring down the mighty king than bringing down the mighty mountain. Some workers who understood the meaning of the song were inspired by it. They killed

A pitiful tale of chicken and eagle

…while being chased by a dog, a house rooster flew over a tall building and landed safely on the parapet of another tall building. The rooster was amazed with his own feat. He wanted to fly over another tall building and another and another. He just got obsessed with his own success that he started to crow from the parapet of the tall building everyday hoping that someone would notice how high he has reached as a common chicken. …then there is a story of an eagle’s egg being found by a farmer while working in his land. The farmer allowed it to hatch with his other chicken eggs. The eagle’s egg did hatch too but the baby eagle, started to follow the mama and baby chicken everywhere. The farmer everyday took him aside and whispered that he is an eagle and showed him the sky. The baby eagle started to grow but it still remained scratching for food among the chicken. Then one day, the farmer whispered the words again and threw him into the

Of Ap Genyen and Thimphu

Genyen Dorji Dradul is revered in Bhutan as Ap Genyen Jagpa Milen or simply Ap Genyen. He commands a deep respect among his followers. However, being dralha or a War God, is known to be very obnoxious to his enemies. He is also revered as Keylha or birth deity for those children born in upper Thimphu. History of origination associates Thimphu with Ap Genyen. Thimphu derived its name after Genyen Jagpa Milen dissolved or disappeared into a rock which is still visible outside Dechenphu Lhakhang. “Thim” means to dissolve or sink and “Phu” means the hill. Legend speaks of Ap Genyen serving great Drukpa masters as well as people of his locality. He could be seen in human form doing all kinds of odd works for the people. Although people could use his service, they were forbidden to serve him stale food and meat. People adhered to these conditions until one widow, whom Ap Genyen had helped fetch firewood had served him with stale food because she