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Three leaders from Israel, Egypt and US with  three different religions, had marathon meeting  for  13 days at the presidential retreat at Camp David in the autumn of 1978  to solve a dispute that religion itself had caused. 

The complex history of Middle East is based on  ancient texts and legends and necessarily draws the Middle East in a endless feud and brought the superpowers of the time to the brink of nuclear war, flooded the region with refugees and  created mayhem and heartbreak all over the world.

Carter, Begin and Sadat, the three leaders from US, Israel and Egypt, through 13 days of ordeal and immense pressure, managed to forge a partial and incomplete peace. War seldom achieves what was expected or hoped for by its participants; even victory breeds a future defeat. The book tells the story of the compromise that peace demands, and of the courage and sacrifices required of leaders whose greatest challenge is to overcome their own limitations. 

The book gave me new perspectives on how we carry the burden of the past and how our own belief system interfere with reasonable judgment.


Sonam Tshomo said…
I just copy this story from facebook.... and I thought immediately about you...

The Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground. It changes the battleground by picking up the snake into the sky and then releases the snake from the sky into the ground. The snake loses the power and balance in the air and falls on the ground useless and vulnerable.

Great job Tshering for showing FCB management what the fucking useless asshole they had been in the court. They not only lost the case but also lost all their reputations. A 47 year old company with all the resources and system losing a case to one man is nothing small thing. It is an achievement in itself. Hope this ordeal ends for you and your family who went through such a huge mental torture. I hope they learn their lessons well.

Fuck the bastards hard and make sure that they don't stand a chance again.
Kezang Lhamo said…
This is a classic case of manipulations involving management, staff and other institutions to harass one simple old man. Hope FCB is made to pay compensation and damages.Dont leave anyone. Let the taste some medicine they made themselves
Tenzin Dorji said…
Use Sonam Tshering to fight for compensation and damages. He is very good at that. We have talked about it few days ago. He is ready to help.
FCB Depot Incharge said…
I found FCB management quite weird..Instead of reviewing the case properly, they takes sides. Those people who are involved in the crime gets protections. In the court, FCB does not provide truth. Instead, the judge was shocked that all documents were produced by the writer. In the end, who loses, FCB. Tge rice case got dismissed even though I heard that there were more than 30 evidences against Pema Wangchuk .
If FCB had presented the evidences presented by the writer, I heard from Court staff that FCB could have recovered money from Pema Wangchuk.
FCB management has become secretive these days. They make decision in isolation .What use is making such decision now when court has already passed judgment against FCB. It's better to analyze the court verdict and make corrections. FCB do not have good check and balance. If any problem arises FCB will lose both money and case again. We have always reminded our management of internal audit which is very weak. Another 60 lakhs shortage has already happened but FCB management has no idea about the case.
This comment has been removed by the author.
FCBLeaks said…
Yea, i also heard that some 60 lakhs is gone into the air and FCB management is not even aware of it. So let them live in ignorance. Despite knowing that FCB Internal is weak, they let Penden Choden carryon. So let them find out themselves. FCB management will not listen to staff.

Just by adding another stupid guy into the division do not make division strong. FCB's internal audit should work to strengthen risky areas and keep proper check and balance. Had Internal audit carried out proper check and balance, maybe all the shortages that happened during Karma Nidup's time could have been avoided. And also the one of 60 lakhs which recently happened could have been avoided also.

Anonymous said…
There are 2 papers with me which I think you will need la. One is directly related to sugar case la. It's a statement by jit saying IT removed data. If you want,I ll give you la. You can contact me when you come to pling or you can advise me
Anonymous said…
Recently i got a copy of the court verdict passed by phuentsholing court on the rice case from one of the staff. The court verdict shows that the FCB lost the case shamelessly and the court had punished FCB for not doing its job well. the case was dismissed with scoldings statement to the FCB management.

i think the court was right for scolding the management and i can see that in the future, fcb will not win a single case since the case decided by the court this time has set precedence that fcb management has not done their duty. fcb management knowing very well that pema wangchuk was responsible for rice case had taken to court to protect pema wangchuk . now all eyes and ears waiting how fcb management decide pema wangchuk's fate. if fcb management still soft on pema wangchuk, i also know how to steal some rice and sugar and not get caught for at least 3 years.

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