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Mid-Life Abyss

There are mountains and vales in life. There are youths and old people. Old people hang on to ancient wisdom. Youth dwell on latest technology. Middle aged people have nothing to claim other than daily trip to work. We can only live between sad stories and reality, in between enjoyment and memories, in that moment when life is diluted by mundane things that sometimes is devoid of any sense. We can plateau in between mountain and vales, between old age and youth but the chances are that no one will ever remember you in your struggle during mid age through life. This is what we call a mid-life abyss.

Your life at Sherubtse just five years,

MEMORIES WE CHERISHED TOGETHER… In retrospect - for Commerce Graduates of 2000 Farewell poem 2000 batch by Dr. V.K. Shortriya Chokey got hurt but still he cleared dirt, Dechen Pelzom kept cool but unlike school, Dechen Wangmo is senior but in no way inferior, Deepa did show but could not blow, Jaibir changed all his gears, Full of fun and tint of tears. Your life at Sherubtse just five years. Karma Dorji is a localite but still polite, Karma Drukpa is serious and in no way furious, Karma Jamyang is difficult and only he could insult, Karma Lhato became vocal but still be social, Kencho was arrogant but still had cheers, Full of fun and tint of tears. Your life at Sherubtse just five years. Kinley made new friends and did some errands, Kuenzang joined her but could not cover, Melam got busy but in no way noisy, Muneesh did prove, made lots of move, Nawang was studious and had her peers, Full of fun and tint of tears. Your l