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Changyul bumo Galem

During one of my travels from Thimphu to Phuentsholing, I had a travelling companion who told me stories about many places. One of the stories related to Dungkar at Wang Sisina. The story went on to say that there were many Sinpos and Sinmos who lived along the cliffs facing Wang Sisina. These Sinpos and Sinmos preyed on unsuspecting and weary travellers. One big house below the road, which stands even today, belonged to one rich man whose name I cannot recollect. Since he was religious and generous, he was known to have been blessed by one lama with many treasures. Out of many treasures, there were two conches and a religious scripture which helped him keep away the menancing Sinpos and Sinmos. One day, when a monk was reading scriptures, he felt very shitty (hahahahaha) so he went to relieve himself in the bush nearby. While he was gone, it is said that the servant of the house, who was a dumbo, stumbled on the floor while bringing some tea and snacks for the monk. As he stu