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Disarrayed Piece of Fortune

...everytime I visit Sonam Tshomo, I always end up eating meal at her home. That’s because her maid Kanchi Didi is a great cook. I have been her plate-worshipper for over two and half decades now.   About a week ago, Kanchi Didi had to go to her village in Gelephu for land survey so we were left at the mercy of Sonam Tshomo who cannot even cut vegetable in good shapes and let alone cooking.   All the friends are scared of her cooking. One day three of us went to her house after office. I had this urge to go to kitchen and see what was boiling in the pot. I opened the lid and I had a queasy feeling. So I excused myself to go home before Sonam made us share the dinner. Just as I was coming out whole train of people followed including Karma, her husband. Then at the end of the train was Sonam herself who entered the car screaming and hurling accusation at us. We went to CN and GNH ed ourselves. That was a great escape from gastronomical torture. At last Kanchi Didi came. It was suc

Time for Vote Shopping Again...

With next election round the corner, party politics are now pushing gears first by trying to portray their manifesto and charters and then slowly trying to attract votes. The recent interviews with spokesmen of existing parties and prospective parties being carried out by BBS in a way is a warning sign that Bhutanese people may once again be challenged to face our individual or collective perception(s) of ideal democracy. Politicians will be everywhere TV, Radio, newspapers, pamphlets and among those die-hard supporters and family members of the perspective elite. However, there is a need for some intellectuals, elders and think tanks that are neutral in political tone to educate our confused masses so that we are closer to achieving common goals for everyone. There is a need for these people to think because the huge task of achieving common goals, providing justice and equality cannot be left to the politicians. It has to be done by involving common people like you,

Genyen Chophel

Gomphu Kora Tshechu is popular among old and young alike. The older people attend the Tshechu for spiritual purpose while the younger ones go there for their own wild reasons. The festival which began some four centuries ago was started after the monastery was constructed. It was initiated by Lama Ngagi Wangchuk, son of Lama Ngawang Chogyel. Terton Pema Lingpa later consecrated the monastery. Although the mask dance was introduced only around early 1990s, the festival as such  had long been very popular. The history of Gomphu Kora dates back to the time of Guru Rinpoche. Guru had reached this looking for  dud called Chophel all the way from Samye Monastery in Tibet. After subduing Dud Chophel, Guru meditated for three months in the cave called Kapaliphu which is quite near to the monastery.  While Guru was busy meditating, dud Chophel tried to escape by transforming himself into a serpent. In order to stop Chophel from escaping, Guru hastily ended his meditation. While s

Od Ded Gungyel – the deity from Kheng area

Od Ded Gungyel is worshipped in kheng speaking area and its periphery region. The writer would like to apologise for  not being able to carryout comprehensive study on this deity although I would love to do that. . In some region Od Ded Gungyel is revered as Od Ded Gongjan (as I have noticed) during my research.  However, this should open room for further research in the future. I am sure researchers like Dr. Dorji Penjore, Lham Dorji and others have already worked on it. I also hope that bloggers like PSN (Kuenzang Thinley) and my friends Kinga Choden and Sithar would help me add more stories to this legend. This paper is just an attempt to highlight on the legend of Od Ded Gungyel's or Od Ded Gongjan's origination. Legend has it that, long long time ago, during the age of complete darkness, a light emerged from an open space. This light was an extra ordinary light. First it appeared when there was complete darkness everywhere and secondly, it is believed to have laid