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Dreams Without Corridors....

“One day my son asked me what I was….whether I was Batman, Spiderman, Ironman or Superman….I said I was Common man. He had never heard about common man so it was natural for him to ask what common man costume looked like. I am sure he must have fancied some kind of costumes letting muscles ooze out of bare thighs and arms. And when I told him that common man wears pyjama and has only beer belly to show, he went into some kind of thinking for some moment. When he finally spoke, he said, “Can common man buy me Wii?” Well, I guess this is the problem with common man. We only have imaginations and not money.... We get caught in another man's plot. We run from one authority to another looking for refuge. We beg for help. Sometimes, we are left with choice, whether to buy petrol or to buy vegetables.  We put petrol because it concerns our dignity. No one would know that our curries have become tasteless for want of onions and cheese.  We have long road map to follow and when we ar