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Looking for hope in someone's achievements

I just called back home to find out if Sangay had passed. She did. She came second in her class. I am happy for her but at her age, even if she came first, I wouldn’t be so much impressed. She is already twelve years old and just passed class one. However, I take pride that she has matured beyond her age. My first babysitter had left for her home and I was forced to look for some alternative hand. My cousin brought Sangay as a replacement. The first day she came, I wondered if I made a mistake of bringing her home because she was just few inches taller than my two years old son. It looked like I needed another babysitter to babysit the babysitter. But Sangay was not new to this job. She was babysitting for a couple in Thimphu before she came to our place. While she stayed with the couple, she got run over by a car and nearly got killed. She was lucky though but her feet still bears a deep scar. She often complains of pain especially during the the cold. She also

Cronism and Nepotism

One day, I was asked by our former Administrative Officer to be a member of a committee in recruiting some new officers for our office. Just before the interview, I was told that it was not necessary for me to be there . Later I came to know that one of the officers being selected was related to my former boss and the interviewer replacing me was his crony in the office. It’s a hypocrisy that my former boss is a part of team who tries to fight corruption in Bhutan today. He is one man that Bhutan should consider studying upon as a very flourishing specimen. A crony himself, he likes people to crony him. He is a successful man today and I am very jealous of him. I marvelled at the way he kept on extending contract of his class ten passed nephew in the office and later employed him permanently.The nephew has become a fishbone inside the neck. He can neither be swallowed nor can be taken out. Nepotism has been there in our syste