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Mermaid’s Daughter –in-law

Many stories are being told about the wealth, fame, strength and influence that Buli Ponpo had so much so that it became a source of contention for even the central government at that point of time to wage a war against him. Even to these days, many people continue to respect their nobilities. The descendants are often referred to as Buli Ponpo(s) or Buli Ashi(s). Legend speaks of a mermaid who had escaped from a lake situated near present day Zhemgang Dzong. People who stayed nearby had contaminated the lake by shitting around, rearing pigs and washing clothes. It became so unbearable that the mermaid had to run away. So she metamorphosed as an old woman and sought shelter at the house of one of the three Tibetan brothers living in Buli. The three Tibetan brothers had come all the way from Tibet hunting for wild boars. When they reached Buli, they were overjoyed with the place. So they decided to settle down there. The mermaid in disguise requested the host to accommodate