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History has always ensnared me. Every place I go, I always look for its history. I thought I would use my blog to share pieces of information that I collected from people, books and other sources. It surely is a great way to enrich ourselves. I would appreciate if some people can send me the stories of the places they know or heard of so that it is published in this blog and hopefully as a book some day. As An appetizer for great course, I start with Tsirang because this place is very close to my heart. I have spent best part of my life in this place as a young boy looking for adventures. Some centuries ago, the Wangduephodrang Dzongpon used to govern places as far as present day Gelephu. The Dzongpon used to appoint people to collect taxes from the people under his jurisdiction. He even appointed officials to administer and pass judgment in these area in times of disputes. The name Tsirang is being derived from the word Tsi- Rab. Tsi m


While waiting for my wife at the vegetable market, I was listening to BBS in my car. One of the news that day was about the introduction of EVM machine in electing the school office bearers of Daga Secondary School. I really liked the idea and appreciated the move. I hope all schools in Bhutan make use of such facilities. This will infuse democratic sense in our younger generations. What irritated me, however, was the interview to the BBS by one of the teachers about the reason for introduction of EVM machine in school. He said that the first reason for introducing EVM machine was because of Gross National Happiness. If I were the interviewer, I would have asked what Gross National Happiness actually meant for him. I am sure he would have ploughed his nose through all theories just to defend that he knows what GNH means. Many people today in Bhutan want to talk of Gross National Happiness. It has become fashionable for even rowdy taxi drivers to use it to their passengers