...there has been too many BBS interviews of incumbent or aspiring candidates of both NA and NC for the past few weeks. While it is understandable for BBS to ask standard questions, the candidates, I thought, should have better things to say than usual stuffs like repaying gratefulness to the King, Country and people. No one has ever said honestly that he wants to be called Dasho and enjoy the privileges and entitlements.

...the other is about new Bhutanese paradox. Almost all candidates said that they know the problems their consituencies are facing. Hmmmmmm!! million things for all of us to grind on. would be shameful for candidates to promise schools, BHUs and hospitals, clean drinking water, electricity or any other basic necessities. It should have been there even without being asked.

...finally, for the MP from my consituency...don't thank me or my people. Thank yourself that I didn't see you for so long. Were you ever there?


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