Farewell Deki...May you always shine among the stars

When I first heard that Deki passed away, I was numb. I didn’t know how to react. So I sat down on my office chair sipping as usual my cold coffee. Some twenty minutes later, I was fighting back the tears. While some people are simply living because it is illegal to kill them, there are others, whom despite being loved by everyone, completes their karmic cycle and fades into memories. Until the end, they had no idea what had ailed her. Her sister said, she had “Lymphoma.” The disease sounds like my grandpa’s name. I have never heard of such disease in whole of my lifetime. She fought so hard. She lived fighting the ghostly disease. She died with dignity and honor and now she is surrounded by loved ones, very far away and near. We will always cherish her. And hope someday when we walk along the same road, she will come showing us the way.


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