Good Guys retire prematurely, Bad Guys get younger and get promoted

Major (Retd) Namgay (name changed) of Police comes to my office seeking information about the post retirement benefits. He looked too young to retire so out of curiousity I asked him why he wanted to retire so early. He looked at me and said, “ Seniors in my office are getting younger instead of getting older. Some of them were 55 last year but this year when their retirement age is nearing, they are 54. Instead of retiring, they seem to be getting promoted. They keep replacing their falling teeth with gold ones and keep getting prosperous.” He laughs at his own statement and scornfully adds “ they seem to have excluded weekends, Government and public holidays and non-working days from their age. So the younger ones have nowhere to go except retire and find solace elsewhere.”

I laugh with him. I guess many people in civil service and corporations are also getting younger everyday. It proves from the fact that one of the most prioritized shopping items for many Bhutanese going to Bangkok is an anti-aging cream.

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