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Saving a Grace for FCB Management

The revelation of huge shortage at Nganglam FCB Depot has shown how naive FCB management has been all along.   The management had always carried that air of fixed superior notion that they could not be budged from them. Almost always, they attempted to gain ascendency over others by force rather than finesse and always placed exaggerated importance on not showing weakness until this very moment. Willful ignorance of the   evidences,   misrepresentation of the facts and suiting their own biases now seem to go against their own calculation. The case against FCB are too many now. While ACC has already started to   dig   old bones related to FCB CEO’s corporate misgivings and complete abuse of power, court at Phuentsholing on other hand has edged on its age-old wisdom by making FCB pay for its corrupt practice. The other courts will soon see criminal elements of FCB CEO being exposed even before ACC reveals his misdeeds. What does all this show? There were embezzlements and shorta