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The Revelation in FCB Case

During an informal dinner with my old classmates yesterday in Phuentsholing, I bumped into one of the journalists who had been trying to cover FCB scandal. Our casual conversation about the case revealed that there is a huge corporate scandal behind sugar and rice missing from FCB. From this perspective, the  shifting of ultimate financial obligation from the corporation itself to helpless individual and the FCB CEO, shamelessly walking as if nothing has ever happened is nothing short of case study for Government and corporate bodies to ponder upon. How did this society give birth to such a  fascist ???? If it were anywhere around the world, the CEO should have resigned on moral grounds but here we are, facing a not-so-gentleman. Looks like he is waiting for his skin to be tanned till the last inch with  corporate misgivings. So many employees are being threatened, moved , treated unfairly just in the  name of change. There is a deep revelations of fraud, deception and outright r