Monday, February 5, 2018

Moment of Redemption

...During my university days, one of my professors told me the story of an eagle. It is said that the eagle lives for over 70 years.  But during its 40th year, it has to make some hard decisions.  Its long and flexible talons can no longer grab its prey. Its long and sharp beak becomes bent. Its old, aged and heavy wings, due to their thick feathers, stick to its chest and make it difficult to fly.

Then, the eagle is left with only two options: either to die or go through a painful process of change which lasts for over six months. The process requires that the eagle fly to a mountaintop and sit on its nest. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out. Then the eagle will wait for a new beak to grow back.

Then it will pluck out its talons The talons are what an eagle uses to catch food. To pluck them out would not only be extremely difficult and painful, but would also take away their ability to provide food for themselves.

When it's new talons grow back, the eagle starts plucking its old, aged feathers. And after six months, the eagle takes its famous FLIGHT OF REBIRTH  and lives for  another 30 more years."

That FLIGHT OF REBIRTH  is the moment of redemption . Redemption time has arrived for FCB. FCB has been in business over 45 years. Hundreds of people have come and gone but it has stayed on. However, over the last six years, it has grown many thick feathers  in its under- belly.

There are legacies of burden left behind  for which many innocent people and new management may have to toil everyday to clean. But in the end, what really matters is the lesson learnt and the hope that keeps everyone warm... a hope that FCB will transform itself into the best trading company in Bhutan….a hope that FCB will become household name in Bhutan…a hope that there are self motivated people driving the success of the company. …

Wishing Tashi Delek to New CEO 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

God waited for long time because documents had to be located...

Thank you all for giving truth a chance. It deserved a hardlook.  I removed the last post because someone had uploaded documents online.   My family remains indebted to everyone who provided me with fresh openings.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I woke up yesterday morning as a criminal. Kuensel published the news story on how ACC has implicated me, my father and a friend of my father. Since the case is sub-judice, I won't have much to comment here but I surely would have lot to say when the legal battle is over maybe...a new book ...that would make lots of sense. Anyways, now I am saddling the camel to ride on long lonely desert....long legal battle. I hope the court will use their third eyes to uphold justice....By the ways, I just copied this picture from FCB facebook page. They were very efficient in posting this picture and deleting some of the comments I posted with picture.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Clueless....Thats what FCB management says

Isn't this case weird....whacko!!!!!!!? the management of FCB is clueless about how the shortage in FCB auction yard happened? Over the past three years, the manipulations, shortages and embezzlement in FCB has crossed over 2 crores and FCB is clueless about how the shortages happened. There is a huge case of manipulations, embezzlement and court cases going on and the Board of Directors continue to believe in the lies of the FCB CEO. I am wondering what the FCB management ...has been doing all these years in the first place and what our government is doing by keeping an incompetent CEO to manage FCB even after so much shortages have been revealed. Sometimes, we are given to believe that there is personal interest in Board of Directors or political interest in our Government for keeping corrupt people still in power. Is Bhutan so short of competent people that we cannot find one decent CEO to run a company efficiently? Or is it still all about push there and pull here, buttering up and itchy palm down there?
It is such a shame that the management does not even know how a simple business transactions are recorded. It also shows that the supervisors, managers and management are there for the sake of being there. If they are clueless about what is happening in FCB right now right under their nose, they may also be clueless about how they manipulated the documents, evidences and FCB stock inventory system in 2013. They may also be clueless about how they shamelessly lied to Board and how the management kept jacking his salary and allowances every few months. The management may also be clueless about stealing money from discretionary fund and keeping security guard to cook food for him for three years at the expense of FCB. The management may also be clueless about how profit is inflated in the final accounts of FCB.The list is endless. Given the quality of people in FCB right now, It is inevitable that FCB has become sore throat and hopefully the Board of Directors and the Government is reading through.   Until the whole people in FCB is overhauled( including the ones on deputation and whole system) and the stock inventory are cleaned properly, we are feeding the demons with our own flesh daily. It is such a shame that a 41 year old company should be ruined by a management who does not even know how to keep proper transaction of daily business.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Saving a Grace for FCB Management

The revelation of huge shortage at Nganglam FCB Depot has shown how naive FCB management has been all along.  The management had always carried that air of fixed superior notion that they could not be budged from them. Almost always, they attempted to gain ascendency over others by force rather than finesse and always placed exaggerated importance on not showing weakness until this very moment.

Willful ignorance of the  evidences,  misrepresentation of the facts and suiting their own biases now seem to go against their own calculation. The case against FCB are too many now. While ACC has already started to  dig  old bones related to FCB CEO’s corporate misgivings and complete abuse of power, court at Phuentsholing on other hand has edged on its age-old wisdom by making FCB pay for its corrupt practice. The other courts will soon see criminal elements of FCB CEO being exposed even before ACC reveals his misdeeds.

What does all this show? There were embezzlements and shortages amounting to more than 1 crore during present CEO’s tenure. Business  worth millions have been taken off the FCB yard by private entrepreneurs. The question continue to remain, is Bhutan short of educated people to run a company like FCB which is marred with inefficiency, corruption and complete lack of public trust? How did a CEO who has been engaged in corporate misgivings given second opportunity to kill the company? People like FCB CEO is  bent on folly and are overpowered by ambition, anxiety, status-seeking, and face-saving.  All along, he has been overestimating himself of his own strength and underestimating the strength and determination of his adversaries.

He has the habit of twisting facts around to justify what he wants to do. The mind being notoriously apt to play tricks, contrary facts are sometimes forgotten.

No business or company run itself efficiently. It needs a leader who has the skill to perform better and not leave the company in ruins.  Being so obsessed by his feeling of responsibility that he has  lost his grip on reality and has become arrogant... a good man with a forsaken flaws. Arrogance is more dangerous than mere conceit. It was not toward an age of submissive easiness, growing a fatty tissue around values. We need, then, to keep asking questions about our values until we arrive at rock bottom. Building a set of values demands that we go behind the easy phrases of quack reformers and CHANGE BRINGER as FCB CEO claims to be and  look at ourselves as we are and not as we wish we were. Learning the truth will not destroy or impair values that are worth investigating.

The person who operates a business like FCB must have spacious thoughts. Mental near-sightedness of leader and division heads  alike are not only  unprofitable but can  put company and lives of hundreds of employees into risk. There are lot of innocent employees out there who continue to be exposed to  risks and also face daily inconveniences. It is so obvious in FCB today with problem of shortages and embezzlement happening every other season.

This shows how  inefficient and tainted  the division chiefs in FCB are in running the  business units. Part of profitable business like Alu Auction has been sucked out by Damchen while the management  embroiled themselves in corporate politic.

Ethics is the code of values to guide man's choices and actions. These determine the course of his business and of his life. There is no field of human activity in which ideals applied are of more value than in business.

What is the public reputation of  FCB’s  business today?  Public relations do not mean putting up a false front.  

Being a poseur, which means one who gives himself airs, is fatal. Morale is one of the most precious elements in a business. No one will deny the emotional benefits of being one of a group that has high morale, but there is more to it than emotional pleasure. High morale generates thinking and planning, it stimulates initiative and enterprise, it is a most important ingredient of efficiency and only in its atmosphere are people inspired to seek the best. High morale pays off in earnings and job satisfaction, and in the effective operation of business like FCB. Indeed, high morale spreads outward from inside the company. The workers who are happy in their jobs, with confidence in their management and co-operative relations with their working team, will spread their contentment throughout the community, and will win friends for the company. What workers say about the company is a potent force in public relations.

When morale is low, workers  feel no great responsibility for the success of company operations; there is a big turnover of employees and there is excessive absenteeism, the company is plagued by disobedience, slow-downs, unconcern about quality; friction; abuse of privileges and power, and all-round tension that is bad for the health of everyone in the company.  


Moment of Redemption

...During my university days, one of my professors told me the story of an eagle. It is said that the eagle lives for over 70 years.   But...