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...and this is the story

. . . Oh! there once was a tree. And also there once was a huge rock. They lived for many years together. Tree believed that he was greatest because he was about to touch the sky. Rock believed that he was greatest because he had lived millions of years and was as old as the earth itself. They quarreled sometimes trying to prove themselves the greatest. Then one day in 21st century,a contractor arrives. He looks at the tree and also at the rock. Then he goes and comes back with powerchain, drilling machine and some explosives. The next day, tree is heading for sawmill and the rock is heading for crusher.


ha ha ha. so in reality nobody can claim supremacy over a thing.....because, the next time the contractors works were inspected by Environment commission and Anti Corruption commission....He is found guilty of violation of Environmental laws and contract rules... off he goes to the jail........

just my imagination..

Anonymous said…
The Contractor must have been one of the Ugyens mena?
I think there is a long food chain PSN but your imagination certainly holds great deal of water....cheers!!!!
Maybe....I am not very sure. He looks like the one of Zambala's also.
Tshering Choden said…
Tshering, how are you????
PaSsu said…
The shortest short story about the tree and rock... ha ha ha

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