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...there has been too many BBS interviews of incumbent or aspiring candidates of both NA and NC for the past few weeks. While it is understandable for BBS to ask standard questions, the candidates, I thought, should have better things to say than usual stuffs like repaying gratefulness to the King, Country and people. No one has ever said honestly that he wants to be called Dasho and enjoy the privileges and entitlements.

...the other is about new Bhutanese paradox. Almost all candidates said that they know the problems their consituencies are facing. Hmmmmmm!! million things for all of us to grind on. would be shameful for candidates to promise schools, BHUs and hospitals, clean drinking water, electricity or any other basic necessities. It should have been there even without being asked.

...finally, for the MP from my consituency...don't thank me or my people. Thank yourself that I didn't see you for so long. Were you ever there?


ha ha ha you hit the bull eye...i was just thinking the same thing. I even shared the same thing with my roomies here in Gujarat.....

there is sheer lack of creativity in our Politicians... and I am wondering what new things they are going to say this election....

any ways, I m carefully listening and following all the stories...

anyways Nice one sir.


Anonymous said…
I have been following the interviews and stories closely for the past few weeks. These are my observations:
1. Our government and politicians boast of very high economic growth rate but I am surprised that no one has ever spoken of equally high inflation rate.Not even the oppositions.
2. Urban schools are cramped not only because children are more but also because most teachers seek for transfer to urban areas.
3. Where are the jobs for our children?
tshering has turned activist now. It is good if you stick to principle. Hows you and your son? did you come back to Torino after we left? I miss your jeda and laughter

I agree with all your observations. I think we should be very concerned about rising cost of living. Great throughts. Please continue to contibute and comment. I appreciate that.
Thank you PSN. You should also write your observations so that people know what we are expecting from them.
Hey Remaysi,

I can't believe that you still remember that word Jeda, lol. Its been very long time since I heard from you. Hope you are doing well. My son is well and I am well too. I miss you too. I still have your gifts on my bedroom table. Keep in touch.
Kezang Dolkar said…
Tshering, where are you? Your mobile cannot be connected either. Can you please drop in my office when you get free time this week? Important for you. There are some surprises waiting for you. 100 % free lol.

PaSsu said…
The Last line is a killer! lol
You should write the full version of the third paragraph, and explain to the MP why they should not worry about those things...
How is your Thimphu Story going?

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