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I have a dream too....

...I am planning to organise creative carnival where writers, crab writers, artists, copyartists and creative people can showcase their works. Since Phuentsholing will be pleasant during Winter, I wish to do it here. I chose winter because children will be on holidays and many people will be in Phuentsholing during that time. The writers and artists can also have more than enough time to prepare. This is an opportunity for Bhutanese writers and readers, artists and art enthuasts, sponsors and buffs, asses and muses, critics and summary for all to come together. I will need people to help me cordinate. If possible, we will try to take in few international writers also. School text books and guidebooks will not be entertainment.


Anonymous said…
Who will provide fancy dresses for the participating writers?
Since it is creative people's carnival and not fancy dress competetion, people can choose to wear what they want. It is freestyle program with no conditions attached. Writers and artists will showcase their work so that people can get to know our local writers, artists and creative personalities.
Jigme Choden said…
Tshering, we would be interested in participating. Is there any fees for the space used or is it free?
Kezang Phuntsho said…
How long do you think will be the carnival? What abt the logistic arrangements? Would there be many buyers and sellers. Are publishers allowed to participate?
Glen Gleece said…
Hallo Jholaman!!!!

Am I invited???

Good Luck!Dont't you dare forget us
Jigme, if it is not very expensive to host the carnival, then you don't have to pay. But in case expenses are beyond my capacity, then people may have to share.
Everyone is invited including cow, horses, goat, dogs and cats
How can I ever forget you guys. You are the stars that I don't need lol. I will talk to you about it soon.
Kezang Sir, I think the program should run for three days. If it is doing well, then it should go for another day or two. I am not really sure about the logistic arrangements, buyers or any other things right now.If publishers wants to participate, I think we should allow them to show case mena la.
Glen Gleece said…
What is goat, cow, horses, etc, got to do with creative stuffs??
If they are creative, they can do circus and entertain people
Dawa Kelzang said…
What about photographs?
Tshering C Dorji Sir,

i am really looking forward to attending it as "crab Writer"

thanks for your initiative..

I think photography is great idea too.
All of us are crabwriters so dont worry,lol

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