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Wonderful Soul....wonderful people

Sonam Tshomo and her husband Karma Losang have been supporting three orphans for ages now. Today, one of the children, Tshering Deki, got her first paycheck. She kept just one thousand and deposited all others into Sonam Tshomo's account as a mark of gratitude. Sonam and her husband themselves are out of country at the moment and do not know that their accounts have fattened not by one paltry paycheck but with gratitude. She was thoughtful enough to buy me a pair of stocking. Oh!!!! how did she know that there was a toe-hole in my stockings lol????? 

Tshering Deki is the eldest of three children who survived the tragic road accident sometimes in 1990s. She was a child herself then and carry faint memories of her  parents. I remember my friend Sonam Tshomo making fuss as she did school shopping every year. Afterall children are children and they have their own whims and fancies, choices and dream, innocence and emotions...even I have and that also in bigger measure....and that Sonam  realised it soon enough. 

Her husband Karma Losang made things much better for children. They have much happier memories with their patrons. Tshering Deki completed her engineering from CST and joined Punatsangchu. Two  of her siblings will be lined up for work very soon.  Hope they will keep  Sonam's head high like that of rooster. Sometimes, I envy people.

Well, some stories are plain and simple.....  but my day has been made. Wonderful soul, wonderful people.


Sogyel said…
Sometimes, things are destined to be though not born to be...this is one such story...:)
Melkin Krosnopk said…
Oh, that sweet girl. She took me to Taktsang. . .my my! she was carrying a big bag and even with that she was helping me walk uphill.

My kisses to Tsering.
....there is no like button here so I should type...I like ur
Spartnek was saying that she carried you!!!!!
Sara Rossi said…
I still remember Tshering Deki heating whiskey in a pot for Dradul and me at Phobjika. That was one hell of a trip. Without Deki, I am deadbody now.

Sara Rossi
Dechen Lhaden said…
I hope apa and ama are okay Tshering. Hows is the case progressing? Has FCB been put to task?

Ana Dechen
apa and ama are fine ana. As for FCB, I will talk to you when i come to thimphu .
Boschen said…
I am still waiting for you to blow up FCB scandal. When is it happening?

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