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Mid-Life Abyss

There are mountains and vales in life. There are youths and old people. Old people hang on to ancient wisdom. Youth dwell on latest technology. Middle aged people have nothing to claim other than daily trip to work. We can only live between sad stories and reality, in between enjoyment and memories, in that moment when life is diluted by mundane things that sometimes is devoid of any sense. We can plateau in between mountain and vales, between old age and youth but the chances are that no one will ever remember you in your struggle during mid age through life. This is what we call a mid-life abyss.


Sorza Palacios said…
A wonderful post. It is poetic, philosophical, appealing and at the same time, powerful. I guess this will define your writing.

Susan Andrews said…
This is beautiful.

Susan & James Andrews
Glen said…
Wonderful thoughts, Tshering. It says all for me.

Sonam Tshomo said…
Beautiful expression. I love it.

Sonam Tshomo
Renuka Naradhan said…
Sounds like this expression is a SOS call for another episode of turn around in life. What do you say Tshering?

Renuka Naradhan
Sarah Joshua said…
Like an alchemist, you seem to have found something now! lol.
How have you been?

Sarah Joshua
Thank you Sorza. I value your opinion.
Thank you Susan and James. I hope you are enjoying the Arabian sunsets. As you can see, I am still caught in the messes.
Thank u Glen and Somo too.
Thanks, and I am still waiting for you to fulfil your promise.
PaSsu said…
Cheer up sir, we are in the middle- with a little bit of dynamism we have authority over both other ages.... ha ha ha
Anonymous said…
People also say, youth is full of blunders, mid-age full of struggles and old age full of repents.

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