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The Girl in Green Boot

Finally, I have settled for Kinzang Tshering (Delog)'s "the girl in green boot" for my book " timeless diary...". It feels nice to add my name on someone's work hahahaha. Working extra hard to get my work published this Spring. I need all the wishes and blessings that all of you out there can spare... at least for this book. I owe immense gratitude to Delog (Kinzang Tshering) for enigmatic water colour painting. The lady in the painting is the only one I have seen in "Green Boot." This makes the lady in green boot very special.

Happy Chunipa Losar to everyone out there.


The cover is quite attractive. Is this green boot girl picture of Truck Parking Girl?
Glen said…
If this is front cover, where is the back cover?

can't wait to have it ><
Porky Pie said…
Best of luck for the book Ata.

Ugyen (Thukten's Kota)
Thank you Ugyen. Hope you are good?
I am leaving for you to imagine.
Back Cover is left for the publisher.
I take it as a compliment....thanks Tshewang.
Dechen Lhaden said…
How is your health now? Heard that you are not well again.

Ana Dechen
Tenzin said…
beautiful cover

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