The Gift Called Pashi

Sometimes in December 2009, I was on a month break from my University to work on my thesis related to social security system in Bhutan. It was during this time that I met Pak Choi Shi Tseou, a financial expert based in Hong Kong, who had come as a personal guest of my friend Sonam Tshomo on pilgrimage. She helped me understand the nuts and bolts of financial markets and made my work lot lot easier. Thanks to her, I graduated in time. And as a small token of deep appreciation, I renamed her as Pakshi. Later due to cold unforgiving Winter in Thimphu, the name saw contraction and became Pashi. Well, I think that was really very creative. Traditionally, only lamas give name to children and people and my guesses would be like Pema Selden, Karma Pelden, Meto Dema or something else. Should the village lama name her, she would have become Phurba Wangmo, Passang Dema or Chenga Lhamo. Couldn’t it be more creative?

Well, this woman called Pashi became a privileged friend for me since then. A onetime ambitious financial expert who lived minute on minute reading and translating numbers into dollars finally pieced again into human-self after being broken down by Asian financial crisis in late 1990s. Since then, she moved from high heeled Sandals to comfortable shoes and trotted the world over. For her, the worst was over and now it was time to celebrate life. This trait in her made her very special and for one reason or more, I found myself lavishing myself on her generosity without conditions. Today, we have many categories and degree of friendship. We have business friends, social friends, good friends, best friends, etc. But I guess friendship exists only in its highest and closest degree.

When my family was breaking apart in 2010 December and I was no longer able to withstand the emotional trauma, my friends including Pashi had reached for me. It saved me from being pushed beyond life.

Today as Pashi celebrates her 40th Birthday, I want to wish her the best the life can offer. I will continue to hope that she will lend me her shoulder when I need it. 


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