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The Elements of Fire and Healing Souls

It is just been over five days that my staff Karma Wangmo’s family lost their youngest member Tandin Gyeltshen to a tragic motor accident that happened just outside their home.

When the Tsip (astrologer) told the family to arrange for wooden box to bury the deceased child in the water, I was angry for one moment and curious since then. Children who die below the age of eight are not cremated but buried in water. The astrologer was not sure about the reasons for water burial but I only assume that water cleansing is enough to purify children’s sin while fire is not enough to cleanse the adult. I hope the reason is justified enough for Karma’s family who will have to live with the fact that someone close to them is buried in cold water.

Even as the loved one perished within moments, another life, that of the driver who ran over the truck on the innocent unsuspecting child lay begging for forgiveness. The wife and children of the driver endured equal, if not more test of water and fire. They looked upon Karma hoping silently that she and her family would forgive the mistake worth a child’s life.

The responsibilities they faced called upon them to make decisions that demanded wisdom from all ages. And when Karma and her family uttered words of forgiveness within broken sentences punctuated by silent teardrops, I was deeply touched. No amount of punishment and hatred would bring back the dead. It would only chain those lives connected with the “hated and unforgiven” in another peg of misery.

It is these elements of Buddhist values like forgiveness, tolerance, compassion, love and hope that has made our lives lot worth living.

Elsewhere around the world, the strong forces of hatred have destroyed many lives and continue to do so. Thousands of people go through daily horrors and yet, they just become news and are quickly forgotten. It is in this context that I believe that religious belief is very vital part of family life. It provides platform for civilization to progress.

It is our homes which provide for emotional and physical security. A strong personality developed at home make men and women face the heavy responsibilities of life. And responsibility like having to cope with emotional disasters sometimes call for spiritual and emotional strength which only good religion, good home , good society and good companion can give.


Dechen Lhaden said…
Being that Tshering that I know is something and being a writer is another thing ni?

I enjoy the wonderful posts and can only be proud to be associated with a writer of truck parking girl, lol.

Ana Dechen
Sandra said…
The intensity of thoughts and sublime expression makes reading your post a wonderful experience. I hope to read more of such articles and posts for many years.

Great work. Happy New Year in advance. May you continue to nourish everyone who reads your books, blog and posts.


Sandra Surenek
Thank you Sandra for all the inspirations. It's people like you who keeps me going.

Happy New Year to you and your family.
Dear Tshering,

Many many Happy New Year wishes to you and your lovely son and also to Truck Parking Girl lol XOX. May new year bring you happiness, peace and many more beautiful moments to share.

We also look forward to reading lot of worderful stories like Truck Parking Girl and Half Inch Smile in days to come. As much as you are a wonderful writer, you are also a friend closer to us than our own nose lol (that's your own expression).

We miss you today and hopefully you are having wonderful time wherever you are.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.

Susan & James

Anonymous said…
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Missing you today...missing you now. We hope you would have a wonderful new year celebrations. Thank you for being that wonder soul for me. We can never repay your kindness.

Hi Deki,

You still owe me Smirnoff Vodka. Thank you for remembering me. Happy New Year to you too and your family.
Hi Susan and James....thank you all for being there for me. Cheers! it is new year eve.
Glen said…
Nice to see you again and hear you. Happy New Year. May million roses bloom in your name this year.

Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
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