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Korean Imperilism

I have always wondered why our youths liked imitating Koreans until I saw, tasted and felt for myself. I had opportunities to travel to Europe and US but the impression Koreans left on me is beyond doubt the best I have ever experienced. Beginning from taxi driver till top brass, everyone is sociable, helpful and friendly. Be it fusion music, street courtesy, cuisine,  business opportunities and strategies,  fashion imperialism and technology, they created their own niche. No wonder that Opa Gangnam Style became a popular entertainment show.


Sonam Tshomo said…
The one on the plate looks just right for me.And I like the pose of the girl in the middle.

Sonam Tshomo
Yeesi7 said…
I can never adapt to what Korean's style means to Bhutanese. Except for the music.
Seeing from one sided, it is exceptionally good to know how Bhutanese are an expert when it comes to speaking/singing in another language.
However, sliding onto another side, it is not a good idea to practice/adapt other language as Bhutanese are expected to be Bhutanese and not Koreans.
Hi Yeesi, I think you are right about Bhutanese imitating Korean or other culture. Korean themselves have been copying ideas from other sources but they have been very creative. They have been a master of fusion music and silver screen. I was only trying to say that we could emulate(and not imitate)the good cultures like street courtesy, professionalism at work and willingness to help anyone who needs help. I have been a victim of racism myself in France and that’s what prompted me to write this piece actually.
Coming to imitation again, I feel we can learn more from Korean than from our immediate neighbor without necessarily absorbing everything that they show. Simple things like the ones I mentioned above are signs of civilized society. I feel that it is not enough to have developed country alone. We should also have society that is civil. What do you say Yeesi?????
P.S: I have read many of your articles and stories and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Please keep posting tubga.
sonam said…
Nice thought. I never much liked korea until that Gangnam style:). They can really create magic out of nothing.
I follow most of your posts here and i have always enjoyed it. Ever since i first had my hands in one of your first manuscripts(draft), i expected so much would come out of you and that was way back during those kanglung days.Now i understand you have done much beyond. Keep it up. Memories:)
Thank you Sonam. I guess writers are weird people and with it I am trying to justify my weirdness.

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