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Certifying Friendship

We had two days of mind grilling bulwark on Performance Measurement System  in Thimphu. At the end of the session, my friend certified my participation.


Nisho said…
Achila...the portrait made me laugh. I had my day.
Oye....thats nice. At least you enjoyed. otherwise, hows everything there????
Lhakpa Dema said…
look at his is called pine needle style. it is evergreen. it grows in all direction.
Agensa Cornard said…
Tshering, something is wrong with your mailbox. It keeps on sending back our mail. We need to confirm your participation for UZ Vibes' "Literature Bonanza" which will happen in December. There is no change in the venue, schedule or in program so the earlier details we sent you is still valid. Please make arrangement to complete your travel documents at the earliest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Agensa Cornard

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