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....a very well deserved cold coffee that nourishes the imagination and great oil painting that relishes the eyes. Masterpiece can happen inside the cup as much as it can happen on the canvas


Anonymous said…
Hi Tshering,

It felt very nice to see you after so long although we could not spend much time together.You were busy and I was busy too. I just watched you "Truck Parking Girl" presentation on UZ-Vibe. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Take good care of you my old friend.

Melissa Glens
sophie said…

Sophie Marliater
Marioze Gnitzer said…
Wow!!! truck parking girl...Mercedes writer boy lol. Congratulations.

Marioze Gnitzer
Cheryl Lyche said…
Hi Tshering

Great work. I hope we get to read more of your work soon again.

Cheryl Lyche
Thank you Melissa, Hiraka, Sophie and Marioze. I feel on the top of the world right now. Thank you all for being there for me.
Joshua said…
Hi There Tshering

That truck parking girl was wow. Great job. I will see you again in December.Till then cheers!

Thank you Joshua. I will look forward to seeing you again.
Hiraka Kiyoshi said…
Why did u delete my comments? I only sent you congratulations. Anyways, have great day and come back again in December.
m really sorry Hiraka. i hammered the wrong key and it was gone. never meant it intentionally. thank u so much for ur appreciation. writers like you give me wings.

Pashi said…
A well deserved toast from me too. I am happy for you Tshering. As you must have realized by now, life do provide us with many corners. The only regret is many people can only find one corner. When opportunity rains, it is of no use if you stay with your fist closed tight. This is a wisdom you should have absorbed by now.

I hope you are back home by now. My love to Palha.

Thank you Pashi. You still owe me dinner.
Anonymous said…

I thought you would show picture of vodka and ice cubes. This is misrepresentation.

Anita said…
Masterpiece happened in Truck Parking Girl.

Anita Naradhan
Thank you Anita. I take it as a compliment.

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