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Beautiful sights for beautiful eyes

Some two weeks ago, I was having dinner with my friend Pashi and Rakki at one of the restaurants in Thimphu. They had come on pilgrimage from Hong Kong and as a local dude; I became a reference guide for them. As a reference guide, I was required to answer many questions that they had in their mind. During the dinner, they talked of many beautiful places that they visited and their first hand experiences with Bhutanese Buddhism. I enjoyed the way Pashi described the beauty outside her alongside her own personal experience. As a student of literature, I have always marveled the Indian expression of “flute and the music”. I guess, beauty then has so much to do in our lives. A salary at the end of the month or just a roof and three meals a day no longer explains our necessity now. I think we also need beautiful things to see, soothing music to hear and peace of mind for our spirit to rise. All beautiful things inspire people both physically and spiritually. We all have daily struggles in our lives but only few people rise above it and live beyond limitations. My friend Pashi believes that even wearing a nice piece of tops presents to her a feeling of happiness. Sometimes I feel that if all people around the world had same taste for food, music, clothes and houses, then maybe there would be peace around the world. But we are all lost within ourselves either in pursuing our dreams or in solving our problems that we miss small act of kindness or forget to be grateful for what others have done for us. We also forget to admire a small flower growing by wayside and also forget to repay for the bouquet of flowers some people have given us. If only we knew how to appreciate loveliness of colours, lines, contour, tone, music and smell. And if only we knew how to express our own beauty. I guess when we lose the sense of beautiful things, we do lose some of our happiness too because in beauty, it contains happiness. In enjoying the beautiful things, we increase our own happiness. I also believe that beauty could also be enjoyed without money and without price , without wealth or high education. Beauty may be small, but it can never be insignificant if it enriches life.All you need is a heart big enough to appreciate and admire.


Pashi said…
I think there is so much poetry in this writing, so much to think and so much to absorb. Thanks for the wonderful article.


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