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A lone flower, be it zinnia, dahlia or china
Cannot give all the colors that the garden need
Nor can you fill up the vast expanse
Of another person’s life, how ever much you give.

It takes Sun, rain, earth, season and care
To make blossom the small seed into beautiful zinnia
And it takes many many teardrops
To bring up a child.

If you give your garden to someone you would die for
Where do you grow your flowers then?
Your garden in someone’s hand is not a garden at all…
You should give flowers to others and keep the garden for yourself

Many people give away their heart, and not the love it brings
And when they need it for themselves, they have only the hurts remaining
If there are many flowers in the garden…
Even when Zinnia dies, dahlia and china will still be there.
If your heart is big enough for all souls…
You have the strength of many hands
still around you
And the warmth and colours of many smiles
And the garden is forever yours to grow flowers in again and again.


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