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A pitiful tale of chicken and eagle

…while being chased by a dog, a house rooster flew over a tall building and landed safely on the parapet of another tall building. The rooster was amazed with his own feat. He wanted to fly over another tall building and another and another. He just got obsessed with his own success that he started to crow from the parapet of the tall building everyday hoping that someone would notice how high he has reached as a common chicken.
…then there is a story of an eagle’s egg being found by a farmer while working in his land. The farmer allowed it to hatch with his other chicken eggs. The eagle’s egg did hatch too but the baby eagle, started to follow the mama and baby chicken everywhere. The farmer everyday took him aside and whispered that he is an eagle and showed him the sky. The baby eagle started to grow but it still remained scratching for food among the chicken. Then one day, the farmer whispered the words again and threw him into the air. In a desperate bid to land softly, it found its balance in the air and lo, it found its places among the eagles.
Now, those were two nice stories. Our media has generated many such chicken today in a bid to find an eagle among the chicken . When I heard that some masters students, who got A grade were vying for media recognition because they topped the class of some 20 students in their university, it reminded me of chicken and eagle story.
Education is supposed to refine and fine tune people. But, there we go….. we have plenty of rogues prowling on the street with certificates. I will not be surprised if someone invents a certificate with sound system which would sing the holder’s academic glory. Even without it, people are lining up for photo opportunity in the media. When rogues behave like a saint, it becomes difficult to differentiate and this is when media needs to do a litmus test or else we are promoting rogues at the cost of society’s future.


Anonymous said…
I know one guy in my office who makes sure that he has completed his masters everytime he is in gathering. I also heard that his wife goes about bragging about his master degree in her office. People do come in all odd bottles. Nice writing anyways
Pemba said…
In the center of sitpa khorlo are rooster, swine and snake. So we find people filled with self pride like rooster, lazy like swine and venomous like snake. These three common characters are plenty in Bhutan.


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