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Children's Time

It is school time. In fact, it is children’s time. Some look happy because they are just back from vacation with their family. They have so much to tell their friends about all the good times they had. Back in the villages, there are those shy children who, although have not been anywhere except their backyard or village are happy to be back to school. School is an escape for most from back breaking works and looking after the cattle. Then there are children, who are looking for school outside the country. One of them is my cousin. Although a very intelligent kid, he was a part of syndicate who had made decision to go to India even before exams started. He studied just well enough to pass and lot shorter to find college in Bhutan. He looked very happy that he was getting an opportunity to go to Bangalore now. It has in fact become fashionable for many children to go to India. And for parents, it is time for them to seek help, both financial and psychological. Psychological problem are mostly byproduct of financial problem. There is a long line of people at the NPPF seeking education loan and most have gone to other banks too. When they come back, the parents would still be repaying the loan but the children would have forgotten that. So, it is children’s time to be happy before they become parents themselves.


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